Tuesday, 26 May 2015


This is a quick and very cheap flower crown that's perfect for festival season! It took only half an hour to make and the flowers and materials cost under £10! I used chrysanthemums as they were very cheap, are easy to work with and last quite well out of water.

  • Bunch of chrysanths from the local supermarket 
  • Wire 
  • Floral Tape 

(I used quite a thick wire but any gauge will do. If it's thin just double up and wrap in floral tape before you start so that you have a firm base. I like this kind of floral tape. It's easy to use; you just stretch it gently until it goes translucent and then it sticks to itself. You can get it really thin so you barely notice it)


1. First thing's first MEASURE YOUR HEAD. I actually forgot to do      this but by some miracle it still fit. I created loops on the end    to attach a ribbon but you could just create a complete circle of    wire.

2. CHOOSE THE FLOWERS. I chose a couple of big flowers for the focal    point of the crown including a yellow gerbera daisy. The rest        were little chrysanthemums.

3. WIRE THE LARGE FLOWERS. It is much easier to get the focal         flowers to sit the way you want if you wire them insead of using     their own stem. Here's how to wire them:

Cut off the stem

Bend a short piece of wire into a hook

Push the long end of the wire through the centre of the flower and pull through until all that can be seen is the very top of the hook.

4. You can then wrap the new wire 'stem' of your focal flowers onto    your wire circle and position them exactly how you want them.        Finish by wrapping the wire in floral tape so you aren't being      stabbed by wire when you wear it.

With the smaller flowers I just used their own stems and the floral tape to attach them to the wire frame. Easy-peasy! Add some ribbon and you're ready for your (hopefully) sunny festival.

Happy Festival Times :)